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Dowels, Tools, and Makeup

Soon I will be prettying up and heading downtown to the Taj Hotel in Boston to check out their fireside suites and try their new menu of desserts and cocktails. That does not sound like a terrible way to spend a rainy Wednesday at all, does it? More on that later (check my Instagram, especially).

But before then, I had to make a stop at the hardware store for dowels and wood glue and lag screws, and I will flip over my heavy dining room table and repair a problematic table leg that keeps falling off. This is probably the third repair on the leg, and if this doesn’t hold, well, this had better hold.

So here I go with Gorilla glue and a hammer and the dowels (if I can flip the table on my own without damaging the table, the china cabinet, or myself), and then a drill (for the pilot hole) and a socket set.

Oh please, let this hold this time. It’s a nice table, but I’m sick of this leg problem … though it did give me a chance to go the hardware store, which I always enjoy. The clerk and I discussed furniture repairs and the fine art of finding perfectly good furniture on the curb (this table is NOT a street find, mind you; it is a family hand-me-down). If you have some basic repair skills (or sometimes all you need are some cleaning supplies!), curb furniture can be a fun find.

But I digress. It’s time to repair my table and then put on some makeup. Off I go!