I Broke My Butt

Have you been wondering, “Gosh, she hasn’t mentioned a running injury in awhile!” Have you been thinking, “Gee, she hasn’t mentioned running on Facebook in some time!” (well, actually I’ve stopped doing that, for the most part, because I don’t want to be more annoying than I can be already)? Have you thought, “Gosh, does she even run anymore?”

I’m not running right now. The hip thing got worse. That tightness from last summer, the tightness that would kick in within two miles on a road run, the slowness, what I thought was hamstring or a tight hip or a glute or piriformis or WHAT? Of course, it was fine, for the most part, on trail, and miraculously fine for my ultra last month. But road running — and now all running — kills.

So I don’t know what it is. I stopped trying massage therapy and chiropractic — I’m a big fan of both, but if something isn’t getting better, then don’t mess around. I decided to see a physical therapist, who evaluated me thoroughly and figured out exactly in which ways I am f*cked up and how much (answer: several, and greatly).

There is a lot of work ahead of me. I finally got to the baseline of exercises they want me to do, but it left me with stabbing pain all night and today.

I did go for a run on my recent birthday, almost two weeks ago, even though I knew it would hurt, and it did, fire down the back of my leg by mile 4. Whatever, it’s my birthday, I need to go for a birthday run with my friend Justine!

But it was the beginning of the end, and I managed a slow and limpy run on MLK day, a very painful 4.5 miles, and that’s it, folks. Today I could barely walk the kids to school, and I cannot sit, and I had to lie on the floor all morning with my laptop to work, because sitting was very painful.

Then the pain vanished some hours later, which freaks me out, because what if it is a disk problem and not a hip-weakness-leading-to-pressure-on-the-sciatic-nerve problem? Can’t do much about it except continue with physical therapy for now.

OH, and also I started going to yoga again!! I finally tried the really great (it turns out) studio near my house, and it’s so good. It’s nice to stretch things again (yes, avoiding my piriformis, thanks) and I think it will really help.

But I am not running right now, so if I seem crazed and grouchy and dim, that is why. All I want to do is take off on foot for a few hours, and I cannot.

Stupid hip.

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