Great American Bulb Swap: Trade In Your Old Light Bulbs for LED Bulbs #spon

What kind of light bulbs do you use? I know this is a personal question. We tried using the CFL bulbs, which seemed great until one breaks. Then it’s a total EPA-advised mercury vapor clean-up. Ugh. But we needed to change from incandescents.

Enter the LED bulb.

Cree LED Bulbs last up to 22 years (that’s potentially 5 presidents from now!). Just imagine all the money you’ll save on energy bills and fewer replacement bulbs. Cree LED Bulbs are also mercury-free and provide superior light quality.

Now’s your chance to swap out your old bulbs for the new LED bulbs! I know this is a busy weekend for many, what with pre-Thanksgiving prep and all the holiday events (what? Since when do Christmas-related performances start before Thanksgiving? but I digress). If you’re going to be in downtown Boston anyway for some of the fun at the Wang or something, why not stop by Downtown Crossing to trade in any old any CFL or incandescent bulb and trade it for a New Cree® LED Bulb for free?

This weekend, the Great American Bulb Swap hosted by Cree LED Bulbs will take place at Readers Park in Downtown Crossing.  Cree is unveiling the New Cree LED bulb, which costs only $7.97 at The Home Depot, is shatter-proof and lasts up to 22 years—AND, is giving away over 15,000 bulbs to event visitors. The New Cree LED Bulb is up to 85 percent more energy efficient compared to energy-hogging incandescent bulbs – and it pays for itself in a year or less!

Where: Readers Park in Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA (corner of Washington & School Streets, right in front of a large Walgreens)

When:  This weekend, Friday through Sunday

  • 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM, Friday, November 21st
  • 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday, November 22nd and 23rd


[Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All opinions are my own.]

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