Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I’m 43 years old.

In a former life (or alternate universe), I’d take a break from my amazing and fulfilling job and go to yoga, then out for a really good lunch (sushi, or that new ramen shop, or oooooh maybe to a Korean place), then dinner would involve lots of laughter, a platter of nachos (with a Bruins game on in the background, maybe), and a really good cake, all while reflecting on the upcoming fabulous year.

However, I am unemployed, the kids have a half-day of school (alas, no time for lunch out), and Max’s final piano lesson/recital is tonight, smack in the middle of the time we’d be having cake and such, meaning we have to postpone my birthday cake until tomorrow. And I’m fine with all of that, because I am already having an awesome day.

I woke up too early, a little hungry, with my warm snuggly teddy bear—I mean, my son Ben—by my side. He likes to climb into bed with me in the middle of the night, because he gets cold (and, um, in the summer, too, because he gets….warm?). I was going to get up soon, anyway, to work out in the frozen field next to my house, so I decided, after an hour of lying awake in bed listening to Ben and my husband breathe, that I should just get up.

The workout is from some fitness website I came across while looking for a “figure skating workout.” I recently took up skating again (if hitting the rink a few times and then spending an afternoon on a nearby frozen pond counts as “took up skating again”), and I was actually looking for (don’t laugh) YouTube videos to teach me how to do some to of the spins and jumps I could do as a kid.

Instead, I found this excellent full-body workout, which naturally I printed out, laminated, and brought to the field at dawn the other day, where I met my friend for our morning routine. This workout is a good one: I know, because by last night I hurt a lot (yeah, that is how I measure a good workout). My upper body and core really took a beating, which is great, so this morning we’re meeting at 6 a.m. to do it again (but not the single-leg rotating hops, because I am not an idiot. I’m not going to risk blowing a meniscus doing single-leg rotating hops in an uneven frozen field, for chrissake).

Also as part of today’s plan I’m going to make kimchee, because I like kimchee and haven’t made any in awhile.

Since I am still ragingly unemployed, I’ll probably also finish my holiday cards (what? It’s never too late to get mail from me, right?).

The kids have a half day today (thanks, school!), so I’m picking them up midday and taking them (and hopefully some of their friends) to the town pond for an afternoon of skating. I’ll feed the kids an early dinner, take them to the recital (where C will meet us), and then C and I will eat a late dinner while watching Louis C.K., and we’ll have birthday cake tomorrow instead.

I might take the boys out for ice cream this afternoon, though, after skating.

So that’s what’s up for my 43rd birthday, and I am most looking forward to this morning’s workout, an afternoon on the pond, and Max’s recital (in part, I confess, because it means the end of this session of piano lessons, and I believe we all need a little break from it). And tomorrow, kimchee and cake!

What do birthday celebrations look like for you these days? 


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