The Kitty Is In…thanks to a cat fight

My cat has a bestie. A best friend. He waits for her on our front steps for when we let her out, be it 8 a.m. or 3 a.m. Even cuter, they are almost identical, except his face is longer, he has a paunch, and he’s known for sprawling on the bike path or sidewalk to be petted by everyone. Everyone loves and knows T–.

He looks so much like our cat that I’ve had a neighbor call me to complain my cat is meowing at her door (I don’t think so, sorry, my cat is sleeping on my bed right now!). It was T–. He’s even come into our house a few times to eat.

We know his humans. They live a few doors down. They seem really nice. We’d probably be friends if we four adults weren’t always hurrying around getting our kids to daycare and preschool and school and ourselves to work.

Anyway, right around the time C moved out, two months ago, our cat got kind of depressed. After all, C left for work after I did, so he had been around in the mornings to pet her. He went to bed after me, so he stayed up late petting her (he’s not some weird cat guy — he loves and takes good care of our kitty). So suddenly C was gone. The kids weren’t around half the nights and mornings, half the weekends. Our home was weirdly quiet and she wasn’t getting as much attention.

Worse, right around then T– got into a cat fight. He was a week or two past his rabies vaccination date, so he has to be quarantined (indoors, in his own home) for six months. Poor Hunter. The man is gone. The kids are gone sometimes (well, maybe she was liking the quiet?). Her best kitty pal was nowhere in sight. 

We rallied. C stopped by to pet her. The kids and I made foil balls (her favorite) to play with her and set up paper bags and boxes for her. I brushed and petted her as much as possible.

She got back to her old self.

But. She and T– are standard tabby domestic short-haired house cats, normal cat-sized cats. We’ve had a few problems with a big, fluffy black cat, and I’ve broken up a few nighttime or evening fights. Now there’s a new cat around, or two, both also big and fluffy, one dark orange, one buff. There have been so many cat fights.

A bite from one of the orange cats is what landed T– in quarantine. Then our cat got into two fights in a row, once mid-afternoon with both orange cats involved, once at 3 a.m. with the buff cat.

Then she started hiding in the closet, not eating, limping.

Diagnosis: “Bite of unknown origin” on her foot. Thankfully not abscessed yet, but her temperature was up and the foot was swollen. The vet cleaned it and gave her a rabies booster…

…and told us that according to state rabies law, even though our cat is up-to-date on her rabies shot and just got a booster, she has to be kept indoors for 45 days.

In late spring/early summer. For an indoor/outdoor cat. Who would much rather be outside, smelling all the smells and chasing things.

She’s feeling better enough that she’s already yeowling to go out, and I haven’t even gone to bed yet. I will probably not get much sleep until mid-July.

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