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So Do You Speak English, or Don’t You? My Curious Kid Might Lack Manners.

C took the kids to the grocery store today, because I was working. Max heard people speaking something other than English.

“What are they speaking?” he asked C.

“French,” said C. “Why don’t you go near and listen?”

Max stood right in front of the couple and stared up at them, frowning in concentration. They looked at him and then at C, who gestured that Max was trying to listen to their language.

Max finally said something to the man.

“I don’t speak English,” the man replied.

“Yes, you do!” said Max. “You just spoke English!”

The man shrugged, not comprehending.

Max was a little confused, too.

I confused the locals (and myself!) when I memorized the phrase, “I don’t speak Icelandic!” before our trip to Iceland this summer. It’s really not the most useful phrase in the book, when you think about it.