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A Sole Sister Confesses: I Didn’t Get So #Fit4Fall

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 2.26.11 PMIn August, I was invited to join Planet Shoes for their fall fitness campaign, Get Fit for Fall, as a blogger (a Sole Sister, in fact — part of a great group of bloggers who did such amazing things through this campaign, such as a first 5k, or a woman who had a baby just as the campaign got started!). The Get Fit for Fall campaign is a six-week online fitness campaign in which you set up a profile, share your goal, and share weekly updates. Meet your challenge by October 20th (that’s this Sunday!) and you get free entry into a sweepstakes for a $500 shopping spree at Planet Shoes.

That’s not why I was into it. I love running and being fit and setting goals and encouraging others with their fitness goals. We kicked off the campaign with a really fun bootcamp on the Greenway in Boston.

Kelsey group_8423

Me and some of the other Sole Sisters after bootcamp. Several of the bootcamp regulars are in the picture, too.

Tomorrow, I’ll run the TARC Fall Classic Half Marathon (TARC stands for “Trail Animal Running Club” — it’s put on by a bunch of fun-loving trail ultra runners, and I’ve really enjoyed my weekend training runs with them). I’m not racing it. I’m just running it.

If you follow along here now and then, you might know I’d planned on running an ultramarathon this fall. This weekend, in fact. Day after tomorrow. A trail 50k (that’s 31 miles, if you don’t speak “race distance-ese”). But then I missed a few long runs in a row, was hit with a minor bout of a funk (who, me? in a funk? shocking!), and aggravated my old calf injury, so I decided to give up the ultra goal…for this year, at least.

Planet Shoes sent me a great pair of running shoes, the New Balance Minimus, the most delicious trail running shoe ever: lightweight, 4mm heel drop, enough sole to protect from sharp rocks but not much more than that…Except, with my calf injury, I need a little more heel support at this time. I cannot wait until my calf is better and I can run in these again.NB_minimus

I’ve stayed just fit enough to be confident I can knock off my trail half marathon, no problem. I haven’t followed my training schedule (or, um, any training schedule), but I’m pretty sure I can do it. I ran 11 miles without incident last weekend. Also, I will be powered by PerfectFuel (review and giveaway coming up soon!), which are these awesome little bars of organic chocolate and ginseng….yum!! Not easy to eat while running, but excellent before (and after, and any other time).

I realize that saying I can run a trail half marathon with an injury and not much training might sound really cocky. While it’s nice to know that I hover in a fitness range that will let me do that, I know I haven’t trained enough or really made the time for running. I didn’t feel as inspirational as I could have been.

In fact, instead of being an inspiration to the others in the Get Fit for Fall campaign, I felt like they were an inspiration to me — people making time to play tennis every day, people trying to get their runs in with new babies and sick cats, the single mom who took up Zumba, people with medical issues who find ways to stick to their goals. The Planet Shoes fitness campaign brought together a great group of people, and I’m so glad I got to be part of it. I admit I thought I’d be one of the more inspiring ones, with my trail ultramarathon and all, but at least I’ll be racing this weekend, and I’m inspired to sign up for more races soon.

Rock on, and stay fit!

How do you stay fit when it seems like you can’t even get your workout clothes on? Who inspires you to get moving?


Disclosure: As a Sole Sister with the Planet Shoes Get Fit for Fall campaign, I received a pair of trail running shoes. I was otherwise not compensated, and all opinions are my own.


Getting Fit: Tips for Staying Motivated #Fit4Fall

When you start a new fitness program or even just pick a goal and start training for it, life can get in the way. You’re a week or two into it, all enthusiastic and enjoying the groove, and then you hit some challenges:

  • Back to School: Getting the family into the new routine can throw you off of yours.
  • Work: You have a big new project (or three). You have a deadline (or several). You have to work late and are too tired the next morning to get up early to work out.
  • Sick Kids: Need I say more?
  • Tired (see “Sick Kids,” “Back to School,”, and “Work” above): You’re tired. That alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and you smack it off and dream of running a trail race….which you’re not exactly training for, since instead of running you’re sleeping late and dreaming about it.
  • Novelty Wears Off: Zumba was so awesome! So much fun! Or you were really digging your C25K program and feeling accomplished. And then…well…the excitement wore off, and it started to feel like a chore.
  • Injury: Muscles get strained. Ankles get sprained. Things hurt sometimes.

DO NOT GIVE UP. You have it in you. You really do. I’ve been running (and so much more) regularly since 2004, and I go through times where I’m thinking, “F*ck it. Why am I bothering? This just isn’t fun anymore.”

Obviously, I’ve learned to work through that. I am STILL learning to work through that, at least once a year but more like twice, when I go through some big crisis about WHY DO I RUN? WHY DOES IT MATTER? I DON’T WANT TO MOVE AT ALL! SELL MY BIKE, THROW OUT MY RUNNING SHOES, BLOCK MY RUNNING FRIENDS FROM EMAILING OR CALLING ME…I’M GOING TO BECOME SEDENTARY, SO THERE!!

Here are some things I’ve learned about how to get through those times when you think, “Why bother? It’s too hard and/or I just don’t have time!”

  • Enlist a friend: Sounds corny and cliche, but for some people (ME!) it works. It’s much harder to skip a run when you know your friend is waiting at the corner to run with you. Or picking you up for your barre class. And for me it’s just more fun to run with someone else. I know some people prefer to run alone but not me. I’m a social runner. I can go for miles as long as I have someone to listen to or talk to.
  • The “One Day at a Time” Approach: Just get through this week. Just three times this week (or twice, or four times—whatever). Make a weekly goal instead of a long-term goal, or break your long-term goal into weekly goals. In any case, take the A.A. approach: One day at a time. Just work out today. You don’t have to think about doing it tomorrow. Don’t worry about that. Just today.
  • Visualization: How awesome did you feel after your first week of C25K? How happy were you during and after your Zumba class? How much did you laugh while doing boot camp with your friend? Close your eyes and think about how you felt at those times. Think about how you can feel that again….just work out again!
  • Be Kind to Yourself. Sometimes, you really do need the extra sleep. Or to work the extra hours. Or to meet some other life commitment. Life happens. Sometimes you might need to miss a workout. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get out there tomorrow and do it!
  • Think About Your Goal: Why did you choose it? How do you feel when you imagine yourself accomplishing that?
  • Rewards: Buy yourself some new workout gear. Enjoy a treat. Get out with a friend for a special evening. Find some way to reward yourself if you need to.
  • Rest: Sure, injuries need time to heal. But it doesn’t mean you need to stop moving! Try something else! Can’t run? Try spinning! Hurt your wrist and can’t do boot camp or lift weights? Great time to try Zumba! Broke several bones? Try tightening and relaxing major muscle groups! (OK, I’m kidding…sort of. I guess if you break several bones, you can take a little time off.)

My point is, you can do it. You really can. You’ve got this. I’m struggling, too. I had to revise my goal thanks to every single thing in the “challenges” list above.

We can do this!


Note: I’m participating in PlanetShoes’ “#Fit4Fall” campaign. I’m a “Sole Sister” with the campaign, in fact — a featured blogger. PlanetShoes was kind enough to send me a new pair of running shoes to, well, kick things off! I’ll be reviewing those soon. All opinions and running struggles are my own, and besides the new shoes, I am not being compensated for this campaign.

Changing the Race Distance: Staying Fit While Being Sensible

Well, I’ve been quiet around here on the running front. I lost my running mojo, even after deciding to train for my first trail ultramarathon (well, first ultramarathon overall). Then I got my butt back in gear and got back into training mode, pulling a midweek 10-miler out of nowhere and then running almost 30 miles over a weekend.

My old calf injury started to flare up, but did that stop me? No. Has moderation ever been my strong point?

So right after that 30-mile weekend (which I hadn’t properly built up to), I participated in a boot camp class to kick off PlanetShoe’s #Fit4Fall campaign. High knees! Jumping! Sprinting! All of it! I ignored my aching calves and Achilles tendons.

Later that same evening, I could barely walk. I could only skate around our apartment, sliding my feet on the hardwood floors. Next day, too.

I couldn’t run all week.

The following weekend, I was supposed to run 26 miles one day, 10 the next. Since I am actually not quite as big an idiot as I may appear, I knew that would be a bad idea. Sure, if I’d stuck with my ultra training plan from the get-go, then it would have been OK. But I hadn’t. I was jumping in full-bore, midway through.

I’m not ready to train for an ultramarathon right now. I’m just not. I’m starting too late, and my calf isn’t fully healed. I don’t want to cause more or long-term problems. Plus, I missed too many long runs, and I’ll be at a conference next weekend, which means I’ll miss another long run (26 miles). Between adjusting to the kids’ new school shedules and trying to get all of my own freelance work done, I just don’t have the time right now to train for an ultra, frankly.

So my new plan? To run a trail half-marathon instead. The race I was going to run, the TARC Fall Classic, is a great trail race with several distances to choose from, from 10K to 50K. I’m switching to the half marathon, which will certainly ease up my training schedule (since I can run more than 13 miles now) and (hopefully) avoid injury. I’d like to go for the full marathon, but not until the calf has been pain-free for many months of running.

An ultra? It will have to wait until next year.