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Camping, and Camping, and Camping

“So, do you have a fun getaways planned this summer?” I get asked this sometimes, yesterday by the woman who cut my hair.

I’m never quite sure how to answer. I have no big trips planned. But I’m camping this weekend for the third weekend in a row.

I’ll be honest: it’s starting to wear on me a little.

The first weekend was awesome. It was trail running camp! All I had to pack was a lot of running gear and a headlamp for night runs, my tent/sleeping bag, and a plate and fork, basically. Wonderful volunteers took care of all the meals (and plenty of snacks), so I didn’t have to even think about the food. I just ran, swam, learned, laughed a lot (some very funny people there), ate, slept.

The second weekend was awesome but more tiring. It was me and the children meeting a friend and her children (friends with my kids), so I had to pack the big tent, sleeping gear for me and the boys, clothes for all three of us, swimming stuff, the camping grill, the big box of “camp kitchen,” coolers of food, bikes, scooters, snacks. Lots of fun, but it was a lot to keep track of and load/unload/load/unload.

This weekend I’m heading up to the White Mountains to run the Loon Mountain Race and hike Mt. Lafayette the day before (yeah, I know, but I have no major goals for Loon except to finish without dying on Upper Walking Boss*). I’m camping with about a million other people (that’s an exaggeration, but there will be a bunch of us in a big group site. I don’t know all (maybe half) of them. I’m carpooling up but still sorting out my ride. I need to figure out how I’m getting to/from the race, since only two of us in the site are running it and I’m not sure of the other person’s plans. I haven’t thought about food (what do I even eat these days, anyway?), and since I’m not driving my own car up, I can’t just load up my car with all the possible food things. I have to actually plan.

Here are two photos of the race: http://www.runwithken.com/2013/07/on-mountain-we-are-all-smallbut-we.html and (my favorite) http://www.runwithken.com/2013/07/on-upper-walking-boss-some-runners-fall.html (I’m going to be Crawling Guy, I suspect). It looks like a blast, right? So why aren’t I excited? Am I just too tired? I might just be too introverted for this scenario right now.

I know the best thing to do is to make a list. Just dump it all out on paper, everything I need to do: sort out the camping gear so C has the big tent/kids’ sleeping bags in case they go camping, decide  what I’ll need for the weekend, figure out how to pack it compactly so I can carpool with other people and their gear, and so on.

Probably other stressors are playing in right now: work, finding an apartment, finding more work, my total lack of training and yoga lately, when to get to the pet store to buy cat food before I leave for the weekend. Sleeping, or lack thereof. How the kids will deal with camp next week and for the rest of summer. And other stuff.

Mostly, though, I think I’m just tired. Today I had set the alarm for a gloriously late 7:01 (which would make for a rushed morning getting the kids up and out the door) but popped awake at 5:15. Woe to me. The coffee maker hadn’t even started yet.

Wish me luck this weekend. I might skip the hike and curl up with a book all day Saturday. Who knows?

*From the race site: “The reputation as one of the region’s toughest races is due in large part to the kilometer ascent of North Peak via the black diamond trail known as Upper Walking Boss. ‘The Boss’, as it’s affectionately known, is roughly a kilometer of grassy slope with angles that exceed a dizzying 40% grade!”