Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt (Review)

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I love yogurt (whole milk plain, always), but something about Greek yogurt always put me off. Maybe it’s because it’s usually fat-free. I believe we need some fat in our food. It’s good for our brains, for one thing. Plus, whole milk yogurt tastes better!

Fortunately, Stonyfield just came out with organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. It’s creamy. It doesn’t have that tangy smell. It has a smooth mouthfeel, mild taste, and is just delicious.

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The milk used in Stonyfield’s Whole Milk Greek Yogurt comes from cows that are pasture-raised. This doesn’t mean entirely grass-fed (Stonyfield also has a new Grass-Fed Yogurt), but the cows get some time in pasture, grazing on grass the way cows should.

Stonyfield sent me several flavors to try: plain, strawberry, cherry, and honey. Their whole milk Greek yogurt also comes in blueberry, but I didn’t try that one (which I don’t mind — I don’t really like blueberry). The fruit (or honey) comes in a little side cup so you can add as much or as little as you want. The ingredients list is simple, and the sugar content is low compared to other yogurt brands.

Very simple ingredients list. Milk, honey. Cultures.

Very simple ingredients list. Milk, honey. Cultures.

The kids and I agreed that the amount of honey given was more than necessary for us (but it is such good honey that my older boy asked if we could get this kind of honey from now on instead of the clover honey we bought last time). The strawberry is really good, and the cherry is divine. If I could get the cherry preserves separately, I’d be in heaven. I’d eat one spoonful of yogurt, one of cherry, one of yogurt, one of cherry. Or I’d mix them. Either way, I had to take the gracious maternal step of letting my child have the last cherry whole milk Greek yogurt instead of eating it myself.

There's one cherry yogurt left in the fridge. Somehow.

There’s one cherry yogurt left in the fridge. Somehow.

While these yogurts would be excellent in smoothies and for frozen yogurt and for baking with, I enjoyed just eating them. And I’d like to eat more of them. I’m really glad Stonyfield has a whole milk Greek yogurt now. And, of course, it’s organic and made with non-GMO products.

For more on their products, visit Stonyfield and connect with them on Facebook andTwitter.

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