Rite Aid Tugaboos Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid Tugaboos diapers.

I recently had the chance to try Rite Aid Tugaboos diapers for Ben. It was a brand we’d never tried before.Rite Aid tugaboos logo

Lately, the only diapers we use are nighttime pull-ups for Ben (and wow, is it nice to not need diapers the rest of the time!). So when I received the Tugaboos, I thought, “Wow, these will be hard to review!” The diapers are very thin and light, and I knew there was no way Ben would get through the night in one of those without massive leaks.

The first night, I changed his diaper after a few hours, while he was sleeping. The second night, I forgot to. Uh-oh. Would we face wet pajamas in the morning? Wet sheets? Worst of all, a tired child who’d woken up to early because he was wet?

No,. no, and no. It turns out that the thin, light, cottony-soft Tugaboos can easily hold their own against our regular night-time pull-ups. I wouldn’t have believed it, except that the Tugaboos continued to keep Ben dry through the next several nights. Rite Aid tells me that the Tugaboos have recently been improved for added leakage protection and faster absorption. I don’t know what they were like before, but they sure have maximum absorption and leakage protection now!


So thin and light compared to the night-time pull-ups we normally use, but just as much absorbency!

Ben is used to pull-ups for night, which feel more “big boy” to him, I think, but he didn’t protest the regular diaper aspect of the Tugaboos. (If he had, I could have simply put the tabs on first and had him step into them. The waist and side panels are pretty stretchy and soft.)

And for those whose children have sensitive skin, the Tugaboos boast a hypoallergenic inner liner.

Rite Aid diaper size 2 42 ct

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid.

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