Pregnant and Hungry: Stand Clear!

After weeks of being able to eat only small amounts, I’ve broken through to the other side. Has the baby dropped, making more room for food? Nope!

I’m just such a crappy housewife that we’ve been eating poorly and haven’t seen much protein lately. I’m not really a crappy housewife, but I’ve been working a lot, and when the little dude’s home and awake I’d rather not trap him indoors while I figure out dinner (with what? Why do we never have food in this house? THAT’S why we can’t have a homebirth, dammit–we’d starve to death during labor!).

Thus today’s lunch: 1 large Reuben, 1 large apple, 3 cookies, half a chocolate bar, a salad, 2 carrots, and some pretzels. I could use another half sandwich or maybe a plate of eggs. Oh, and some milk.
I’ve asked about this before, but I apparently fail in this department, even though I used to be a good cook: What the hell are some quick, tasty meals I can put together fast? How do I “meal-plan” and then grocery shop appropriately–without having to eat casseroles, quesadillas, or spaghetti yet again? My husband hates beans; my child won’t eat rice. I don’t have the time or energy to throw together the fabulous vegan meals Scott Jurek lives on. Plus, I like meat.
How can we eat carnitas and carne asada instead of chicken, chicken, chicken–and without hitting the Brazilian BBQ? Why don’t we have a live-in cook, for heaven’s sake? If I didn’t have to come up with dinner ideas all the time, I’d be happier. Thankfully the child isn’t usually that hungry at dinnertime and is happy to eat things like apples and cheese, but I really could do better.
I hate crock-pot food (mushy texture! muddied flavors!), I don’t have time to prep meals in the morning, and we don’t have the funds for a meal-delivery service.
Help, help. I’m hungry.

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