Potty Time! Potty Training with Stickers (Giveaway!)

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Diaper free! It’s a standard goal for any parent — getting the kids to learn to use the toilet.

Ben has been using the regular toilet for what seems like forever; when he started using the potty, he wasn’t so into the kid-sized potty that we had. This is probably because he wanted to be just like his real-toilet-using big brother.

But for the past month or so, he’s been having some pee accidents. He stays dry (and diaper-free) all day at his daycare — even through nap time! — but at home he’s been having some accidents. I started bribing him with chocolate chips to use the potty (by which I mean “actual flush toilet,” but that doesn’t really matter). Brilliant, right? And then Max wanted chocolate chips, too.

See, I enlisted Max’s help to encourage his brother to stop playing and take a pee break. If I suggested Ben try the potty, Max would chime in: “Ben, I’ll wait to play this game until you come back!” or “I’ll watch your cars for you while you use the potty!” So I ended up offering Ben a chocolate chip every time he used the potty and Max a chocolate chip every time he encouraged Ben.

Do not try this at home. First of all, your kids will soon make a small dent in your own chocolate supply. Also, I don’t love giving my kids sweets–no matter how small–several times a day.

Then I got a chance to try Potty Time Stickers and Chart. It’s a sticker chart designed to hang right on the doorknob, with a sheet of stickers that also hangs on the doorknob. Now that is brilliant, especially for us craft-challenged people who never make our own sticker charts (seriously, I don’t even know where to start!). We switched to the Potty Time sticker chart and abandoned my chocolate stash.


There are four different colored smiley-face stickers. On the chart, which has 40 squares, every tenth square has a star. You can do a bigger treat (a chocolate chip! A sticker! A small toy! A triple hug and big tickle session!) when the child gets to a star. You can give a sticker for sitting on the potty and trying; washing hands; peeing in the potty; or pooping on the potty. It’s up to you if you want to assign a color for each “task” or just let the child choose the sticker.

Ben was sort of into this at first. Unfortunately, since he’s already potty-trained and was being bribed with chocolate for awhile, a sticker chart wasn’t as enticing for him. We got to twenty and then went away for the weekend, not using his chart all weekend.


The Potty Time Stickers and Chart would be fantastic for a child who’s just starting out on the potty or early in the learning. Ben was too far along, I think, to really get into it. But since these charts can be found at CVS for a mere $2.99, I recommend them to any potty-training family!


Potty Time!

They were designed by a mom who didn’t like have the potty chart on the fridge (not terribly convenient to the bathroom) and the stickers on top of the toilet (ick). So she made a chart to hang at kids’ eye level on the doorknob. She showed them to a buyer at CVS, which is where you can find these charts. You can also check out the Tick Tock website to order these and other products.

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Disclosure: I received Potty Time Stickers and Chart for my review. I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own.


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