Love Chocolate? Perfect Fuel Chocolate Review and Giveaway!

PFC_closeupI discovered Perfect Fuel Chocolate one day at Whole Foods, where they were giving out samples. Fortunately, I was with my three-year-old, who has a radar for chocolate. He especially loves raw and dark chocolate (he beelines for the Tazo booth at the farmer’s market!) and spotted the samples and demanded some. We tried it. He insisted I buy some. I did (and then hid it from him and that was that, because really, no three-year-old needs additional fuel). (And honestly, I don’t always give in to his demands…unless chocolate is involved.)

Perfect Fuel is this amazing raw organic chocolate that’s roughly ground (if you’re looking for silky-smooth chocolate, this isn’t it) and mixed with American ginseng. It’s pretty much the perfect endurance food. It’s really, really yummy: grainy and dark and intense. If you like silky-smooth, creamy chocolate, this is not for you. This is raw. This is awesome.

Dark chocolate, as we all know by now, is really good for you. It can also help your workout! And ginseng is said to have many beneficial properties.

The first time I tried to use Perfect Fuel for running, I did it all wrong: I brought a chunk with me on a twelve-mile trail run, to eat the way I’d normally eat jellybeans or a gel or standard fuel block. Chocolate, however — especially raw chocolate — is hard to eat while running. If it hasn’t melted, then it’s just a little too rough to eat if, like me, you have to breathe through your mouth. I would have to either eat it before the run or else stop to eat it.

For my next long run, I ate some Perfect Fuel before the run. Much better!



Perfect Fuel Chocolate is why, I think, I zipped through the first loop of my recent trail race at a very lively pace; I ate a chunk of this athlete’s elixir about half an hour before the race. However, I should have eaten more halfway through (or eaten more than a standard goo-gel, at least!), because at mile 11, I tanked. My racing friend left me on a hill, as did this woman I’d been trying (and unable) to pass for three miles, and I slogged along alone for the rest of the race. I wasn’t as trained as I could have been, and I had definitely started the race too hard. I don’t think my wall was due to the chocolate. (And I still placed first in my age group, fourth woman overall!)downhillzoom

While some people more creative than I have been known to melt this chocolate, dip chunks of frozen banana into it, and then freeze the treats, I’m a simple chocolate eater. I just eat it. I eat it during the day. I eat it when I want an energy boost during the workday. I eat it to calm myself sometimes (seriously, sometimes it’s extremely soothing for me).

And now, I eat it before running.  Well, and whenever I feel like I need some, because that’s how I am.

Note the tattoo!

Note the tattoo!

Even if you’re not a runner, even if you don’t work out at all, Perfect Fuel Chocolate is handy for getting through the day: remember, the holiday season is starting up! And it’s just really yummy chocolate.


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[Disclosure: The great guys at Perfect Fuel Chocolate kindly provided me with chocolate samples and a couple of fun temporary tattoos for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.]

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