Hunter, Come Home: Not Ready to Lose Another Pet

Our cat is missing. Hunter. The crazy lady next door kindly cat-loving neighbor seems to have few filters when it comes to children, so when the boys and I were out putting up flyers today, I had to practically cover their ears as she told me all about the drunk cat-hoarder, next street over, who once kidnapped one of her cats, and about how she called the police for our cat and learned the animal control officer is very ill but she asked the police if anyone had called about a cat (or “found a cat”—[and here she mouthed, intensely, “deceased” and then repeated it to make sure I understood, even though I’ve done all this already and had told her so]–and on and on.

We’ve spoken to several neighbors and have more to go. She could be locked in a car, shed, or basement. She could have been injured in a fight with the nearby black cat (though I’m sure we’d have heard it). She could have been eaten by a coyote (another neighbor told us of a coyote den at the end of our street).¬†


We haven’t seen her since Friday morning. Today, a few neighbors told me they’d seen her over the weekend, as recently as last night even.

I think they saw the wrong cat. She wouldn’t be running through the yard next to or behind us, climbing the fence, without stopping in for her boys to feed her or me to brush her or C to pet her. And I haven’t seen¬†any cats anywhere lately.

C took a walk in the dark near our house last night. In the field, he saw a deer and several rabbits, plus a cat hunting the rabbits. There are so many rabbits here. Hunter left us one in the yard Friday morning, in fact. A coyote wouldn’t bother with a cat with so many slow rabbits around, would it?

We heard a story that many indoor/outdoor cats have two homes, getting fed at both. I joked that she ran away because she was annoyed we’d kept her locked indoors (our neighbors came by to feed her) for an entire week while we were away recently. C said maybe her other family, if she has one, was freaked out that she’d been absent for a week and were keeping her locked in.

Maybe, but then why all the claimed sightings?

We miss her. More and more each day. C opened a can of salmon recently and I’d been saving the liquid and bones for her. Tonight I poured them into a dish and put them on the front steps.

Let’s home she comes home.

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