How to Have a Fun and Productive Weekend When Your Minimal Plans Get Washed Out

This was my last kid-free weekend before two weekends in a row with them. I can’t wait to have my children back.

But…this weekend. I still haven’t developed much of a new community, and it’s not always reasonable to drive nearly an hour to hang out with my old one. So when, on Friday, my mountain bike club cancelled our Saturday morning ride due to forecasted rain, I fell into despair.

Me. Alone. Entirely. All weekend. Friday, when I left work, until Monday morning, back at work. No plans. No interactions with other humans. Me, the cats, the guinea pig, the rain.

1. Sell Stuff and Make Your House Seem Bigger.

Buck up, chica. First, I texted the two people scheduled to come to my house Saturday to buy some items I was selling (including a massive piece of furniture that came with the house, and I hate it and it is too big and dark and not useful) to let them know I’d be around in the morning after all. 

2. Run With Strangers and Make a New Friend.

Saturday morning, the stuff was gone (and cash in my hand, thank you FB Marketplace) by 9 a.m. Meanwhile, I’d posted to a new town running group to see if anyone wanted to join me for four miles (as the arrival of the people buying the thing would make me miss a scheduled local group run). Someone responded, saying four miles was her dream, but she can only do one mile right now.

Great, I wrote back. Why don’t we run 1 mile together and I’ll do the rest on my own?

So we met! I ran to meet her. She had a toddler in a stroller. We ran nearly two miles together — her furthest in at probably three years — talking nonstop, and then she said she had to walk but I could keep running. I said I’d walk with her. We walked for another two miles, talking about everything food and cooking and adjustment to parenthood and exercise! It was great. She told me where to find a great (and cheap) farmstand I hadn’t tried yet.

And, it reminded me of how very much I’d like to become a running/fitness coach for new moms, to encourage them and help them realize they can do it, they can get fit again even if they’ve let it slide. It is really time to pursue that and start the certification process.

3. Declutter and Clean. All Day.

Then I ran home and proceeded to deal with my house.

My dining room had become kind of a shitshow, between that huge thing and another medium-sized piece of furniture my mother had delivered. I moved stuff to the basement, I moved furniture around, I moved a shelf of plants from the living room to the dining room.

And now both rooms are really nice spaces that feel open and bright, and I love it.

I cleaned almost all day Saturday. So much cleaning and decluttering. But it was just me, with nothing on the schedule, knowing this was my last chance before school starts.

4. Canvass for a Candidate who Might Bring Change.

Today, I drove to another town to canvass for a Democratic state rep candidate. Planned Parenthood volunteers called me two weeks ago to ask if I was interested in volunteering for their endorsed candidates, so here I was, out in the pouring rain knocking on doors and talking to people. It was interesting how support (or hostility) seemed to vary by street in the neighborhood we were in. You could practically slap labels of R or D on the cul-de-sacs.

5. Meet Ex-Boyfriend for Lobster Sandwiches.

Then I cruised into Cambridge to meet an old friend for a quick lunch of lobster sandwiches and catching up. OMG, so much lobster stuffed in that toast, so good. And always nice to see him.

6. Meet “Friend” from Facebook for the First Time Ever IRL for RBG Movie.

Then I was off to the MFA to mee another FB stranger (but one I’ve been “friends” with for over a year–we met in a foodie group, I think) to see the RBG film. She was lovely, and the film was great. Somehow I did not cry, though thinking about how hard RBG has worked and how much she has accomplished and how tireless and strong and smart she is–and yet how much more work needs to be done–is depressing. She’s a total superhero.

7. Grocery Shop.

Like a responsible grown-up whose children will return tomorrow. They need food and things like fruit and pretzels for snacks at camp, and they might not enjoy the inventive, spiky things I eat when they’re not around (dragon noodles, sopa de ajo).

So. That’s how a sort-of introvert with few local friends spends an unplanned weekend.



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