Goodbye, 2014: Year in Review (and We Can Only Go Up From Here!)

The best part about 2014, perhaps, is that I have now set the bar so low, in terms of personal accomplishment, that 2015 can only be better, much better! I took a long walk in the cold dark last night (not for any Thoreau-like ponderings but simply to pick up my car from the mechanic on the other side of town) and thought a lot about this past year.

It’s possible I cried a little. After all, I spent much of this past year clinging to the life raft by my fingernails, apologizing to everyone around me and mostly just trying to wait it out.

Here are the big things that happened in 2014 (personally, not in the world sense; this is not a news site):

We moved. That was hard. It was hopeful, it was messy, it was prolonged, and it didn’t entirely lead us to what I’d hoped it would. We left our warm, friendly, wonderful neighborhood, with our big yard and the boys’ construction pit and the grapevine hideout and the river nearby, and we moved to a “better school district.” I don’t entirely know what that means. My kids aren’t in public schools yet. I do know that my street is often dark, no one is ever outside, and the only people we’ve met and spoken to in nearly a year, besides our lovely upstairs neighbors, are the older couples on either side of us. Oh, and the kid behind us and his family. We like them, too, but haven’t seen them since….September? October? Wow. Maybe they have left the country, actually. I am not sure. Otherwise, though, we live in ZombieTown. Where IS everybody?

I won a trail race. I spent a little more time with the trail people, who are always a good group to spend time with. I won the race and then stuck around in the cold rain to volunteer for a few hours, helping the bleeding stumbling ultrarunners (which I aspire to be) get fed and hydrated. I loved it.

We went camping with some beloved friends who moved out of state last year. It was a wonderful, bittersweet weekend….bittersweet because we’d return to our separate states at the end of it, not to see each other for a long time.

My beautiful friend Solivia returned to the States briefly on business and I got to spend a few hours with her. It was the first time I’d seen her in five years, and a few hours was not enough time at all.

My kids are in the same school. No, seriously, this is a highlight. One drop-off, one pick-up (well, two pick-ups some days, when Ben has half-days). No more scrambling to another town through rush-hour traffic to get Ben to or from his preschool. I love it.

Wow, this list is making me feel better already. Career-wise—oh, jeez, let’s move on. Socially, I feel like being out here in no-man’s land (by which I mean our new suburb/town) has left me seeing even fewer people than I did before. I still try to see old friends and neighbors, but it’s harder than when we lived across the street or around the corner. Other friends, I hardly see at all. I feel my friendships slipping away, though I do count a few new friendships this year, from (huh, whaddya know) the trail-running community.

Oh, I also hosted Christmas dinner this year, which was my very first time ever hosting a holiday meal, which was kind of a big deal and made me feel like an actual grown-up. The whole meal went pretty well, all in all, and I’d do it again.

Goodby, 2014. You’ve given me a lot to reflect on. Hello, 2015. In this new year, I will shine.


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