Did I mention I wanted a 4-hour block of sleep?


Wednesday, me. Or was it Thursday?

My family has had the flu since last Wednesday morning. What fun! Maybe it really started Tuesday. Who knows. But Wednesday it all went to hell around here, as you may have noticed from my Facebook posts, if you follow me there (just do it! It’s so worth it!).

Wednesday and Thursday nights, 2-3 hours’ sleep before tending sick kids all night.

I am beyond tired. One friend commented to me, “You are becoming the poster child for the anti-co-sleeping crowd. =}.”

I know I’ve given attachment parenting a bad name, perhaps, but this? This isn’t co-sleeping. I want those kids in their beds and me in mine. I want my own room, sometimes, in fact, all my own. This is sick kids in the night who need me, and a husband who has an amazing ability to sleep through it all, even when we’re in the same bed


This was definitely Wednesday. Day 1 of the flu.

and I’m surrounded by two small children who are hacking, sneezing, asking for tissues every 20 minutes (Max), screeching when I tried to wipe his nose (Ben), plus the cat at my head sneezing on me and hissing when I shoved her away, and some arguments about who got to sleep where.

Yes, the man slept through it all.

Thursday earlier

Thursday. Definitely Thursday.

So Friday night I played “small bed Ping Pong,” bouncing between beds in the boys’ room. I declared I’d get a four-hour block of sleep. What happened instead? I’m not sure how it started, but I ended up in coughing Ben’s little short toddler bed to comfort him and get him back to sleep despite his hacking cough. I fell asleep i there. Then Max was stirring and moaning with fever, so I crept out from under Ben and moved to Max’s bed.

Got him back to sleep. Coughing Ben stirred again and woke up. I got into his bed again.

Then fevery Max woke up. Back to his bed.

Then Ben. Back to his bed. Then to Max.

Around three in the morning or so, C came looking for me. I was, at the time, curled up in Ben’s bed again, and Max was in there with us (how? Do you know how small a toddler bed is?).

As I recall, I crawled back into my own bed around 6 or 7 a.m., where I slept until 9 because my saintly husband got up with the kids and kept them occupied. Then he walked in with breakfast on a tray for me.

YES! Breakfast in bed! For me!!

And when I didn’t touch it, he came back and got the mug of coffee and reheated it, because he knows I like to start my day with hot coffee.

Last night, Saturday, we got the kids down really early. Except I couldn’t get Ben off of me. He sprawled across me, out but clinging.

Ben bed

Super-sweet baby face, right?

Being me, I posted a picture to Facebook with an implied plea to my husband to bring me pizza and beer, since I thought I’d never ever manage to get out from under Ben.

He complied, but by then I’d tried to get out from under Ben, somehow dropping him onto the floor, waking him up, which made him want to nurse. I didn’t want to be the sort of parent who posts pictures of herself 1) on Facebook or 2) her blog of her nursing toddler supporting her plate of pizza while her cold beer rests on his shoulder.

But yet I am.


Ben Beer Pizza

What kind of mother would post such a picture, I ask you?

I went to bed as usual (fortified by pizza, beer, and stale Christmas cookies), and then one child came in (Ben, I think). Then Max came in. And then somehow both took over my side of the bed again, and between the coughing and sneezing and tissues and sniffling and “No, move over, Mommy!” I gave up and left them there and went to Max’s bed and slept there.

It was wonderful. A little twin bed, all to myself, in a room by myself.

Until about…who knows what time it was?…Ben came looking for me. I pulled him into bed; we cuddled and fell asleep. And the….who knows what time it was?…Max came looking for me. To my surprise, he didn’t freak out that Ben and I were in his bed. I slid my arm out from under Ben, tucked him in, and returned to my own bed with Max.

It is possible that Ben joined us again before dawn, but honestly I cannot keep track at this point.

I’m not into co-sleeping anymore. But I am too tired to walk my kids back to their beds, especially when they are sick and I’m…tired.

But tonight! It’s a new night! Let’s see how it goes! Wish us all luck!

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