Chicken Dreams

the 2018 Chicken Flyer from the feed store

Do you see what I see? Decision day approaches fast. I want Rhode Island Reds, because that’s the breed we had when I was a kid, and they seem fairly smart and friendly (as far as chickens go).

But this will be our first summer in this house, and I have so much to learn about all the stuff already planted here (former owners were wise and inspired gardeners, creating a beautiful space where things bloom as late as December and as early as this week), and we’re putting in raised beds for a vegetable garden, my first.

That will keep us busy.

Chickens were planned for 2019. As in, I know we want chickens, and I know where I can put the coop, but I didn’t want to take them on just yet. First I’d have to clear out the brush pile that came with the property (next to the two compost bins that were also here, fortunately). And build or buy a coop. I found a decent one I can buy from Tractor Supply (yep, really) that fits my budget. My chicken budget.

People, I don’t have a chicken budget.

Anyway, thanks to a neighbor’s information-seeking Facebook post about backyard chickens, I have so many links to check out, and I’ve been reading up on it and looking at coops and breed hardiness. Three or four chickens wouldn’t be that hard to manage, right? Plus then we’d have a nice supply of fertilizer for the garden, and fresh eggs, and the hens could roam in the yard (supervised, of course) eating bugs.

OK. I have until April 19 to either make it happen or decide to let it go until next year.

Should I go for it? Is this year the year we should get chickens?

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