Bring Yourself Out: Take Power

During workouts and runs, I’ve been talking to my main workout/running partner about life, because that’s what we do. We talk about stuff.

I’ve recently had a few job interviews, which feel hard after almost 7 years of freelancing. I feel strange. I feel unsure. I feel unworthy. I feel excited and utterly capable of doing the job, but I also feel…like maybe I don’t belong.

“You must check this out…about bringing yourself out in job interviews and other places,” she tells me in a typical predawn text (our predawn texts are usually a hopeful, “Want to work out at 6?”). ¬†She continued with a link.

Tonight, while the kids have gone to bed but are still awake listening to “The Wizard of Oz” on CD, C and I fire up the TED talk on the TV (well, he does. I still don’t quite get how all our jerryrigged AV systems come together).

Ben comes out to find me. “What are you watching?” he asks. “It’s not fair that you get to watch something now.”

I hug him. “You got to listen to ‘The Wizard of Oz,'” I remind him. “Would you like me to snuggle with you?”

He nods. I pick him up and carry him back to his bedroom. “Besides,” I say, “we’re watching boring grown-up stuff about how keeping your back straight and your shoulders back can affect things like getting a job.”

He thinks for a moment. He’s still craning his neck, trying to see the TV, which is paused. “Watching archery would be better,” he says. “That would be more interesting.”

“It would,” I agree. I have no idea where this idea came from. “Archery would be much more interesting.”

And we snuggle, and then I cuddle a little with Max, and then I go back to see exactly how what I do when I cross a finish line (arms up, yay me, I rock) is what I should be doing in a job interview, basically (telling them I’m a WINNER!). And I learn how this kind of “power posture,” even if held for only two minutes, can actually change your testosterone and cortisol levels.

For real. Huh.

So you can see that working out with a friend is excellent for your health for many, many reasons.

‘Scuse me while I go sit back and put my arms up and just breathe in “powerful” for a little while. And feel grateful for my friends.


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