Back in the Training: Marathon Training Begins Again!

I’ve been in a running funk. Today, as I slogged through a less-than-5-miler alone, midday, in some unexpected spring warmth, I realized why: I haven’t been training for anything.

Sure, I was injured, but I’m fine now, just slow and sluggish and grumpy. I don’t have any speed or endurance or anything. I haven’t been able to make it to track. I’ve been going to PT [ART, actually: active release technique. It’s brutal. I’ve decided it’s worse than unmedicated childbirth (been through that twice). It’s unpredictable. It’s really painful, but in short bursts. Last week, I managed to gasp out, “Have you been through this yourself? Do you have any idea what it’s like?” and she laughed. She also assured me, when I asked, that she’s used to hearing swear words from her patients. Believe me, it’s brutal but it works. I haven’t noticed my hip flexors since my second visit, actually…so I’m not sure why I keep making appointments. Masochism?]

Anyway. Sunday was my long run day for years and years, and now it’s not. My friend Sasha—my main long run partner—moved away, and as my weekday trail run group began to wane, I joined up with another trail group on their long Saturday trail runs. But I couldn’t always make it, and blahblahblah my running has really fallen off.

Meanwhile my friends are PR’ing and setting records and running two marathons a week apart and this weekend is Boston. So many people I know are running, including one of my best friends as well as a friend from high school I’m hosting for the race (she lives overseas). And then I remembered, as I slogged through my lonely hot run today, that I have a marathon coming up, too!

After I had to drop out of the Boston Marathon training last year, I signed up for a fall marathon that was early enough for me to register for this year’s Boston Marathon (if I qualified). Alas, I wasn’t able to start training in time to run it.

But they deferred me! I have a marathon to run—and in which to qualify for next year’s Boston—on September 7, in Pennsylvania. I know it’s early to start training, but I logged into the Runner’s World SmartCoach today and set up the training program. I have 21 weeks to prepare–plenty of time to get myself back in gear and back in shape.

I have a goal. I have a plan. I have a training schedule. I feel much better about running now.

I have to get out and run, regularly, and I’m going to. I look forward to qualifying for Boston 2015.

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