A New Year: Where’s the Yoga?

My favorite local yoga studio had a great deal last January 1: Buy a 31-day pass on that day for a mere $31. Considering the average yoga class in this area is $12-$16, a month of yoga for $31 is a steal.

And it’s good yoga. I love the place. The instructors are variety of (more like a combination of) funny and nice and personable and warm, the instruction is really good, and classes can be really challenging (but the instructors also give modifications).

At the end of 2011 I was going to the studio a lot, so I bought the pass. I tried hard but “only” made to yoga class 15 times in January. I felt disappointed in myself until one of the instructors, Carol, pointed out that that’s every other day. Good point!

And that’s one reason I love yoga. When I go regularly, it calms me, and makes me feel more centered, and helps me trust myself, and (I know I’m sounding all new-agey cliche here) helps me find clarity. It makes me stronger. Running can do this, too–when I run alone, which I almost never do. And even when I do, I listen to music and rarely just give myself over entirely to the present.

Yoga, however, is all about the present. It’s something I really need.


Yoga at home is just not the same.

Unfortunately, several months later my schedule changed and my childcare changed and yoga fell by the wayside. It’s really hard for me to get to classes anymore, and starting Wednesday, when the boys return to school/daycare, I start a new project that should keep me pretty busy for a while. And I don’t have any childcare for the next several weeks, meaning anytime the kids are in school/daycare I should be working, not going to yoga.

But yet…

Tomorrow the studio has the same deal: For $31, I can go to unlimited yoga classes for the month of January. I have no idea how I can make the most of this, but I can certainly try. I like the community there, and I’ve been looking for more structure and community. And at this price, it sure is worth the attempt!

What better way to renew my yoga practice?

Here’s to a more mindful 2013!




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